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Wine Distribution Management Software

The WDMS is a business management system specifically designed for medium to large-sized wine & spirits distribution companies. WDMS  has been developed to encompass the industry's challenging requirements for functionality, quality and flexibility
The WDMS can automate your entire business cycle from order entry to purchasing to distribution. The entire system is fully-integrated and provides up-to-the-minute records on all aspects your wine & spirits business. A single click allows management view high-level summary data, while drill down functionality gives detailed information.


  1. Masters
    1. User Master
    2. Company Details
    3. Brand Master
    4. Item Master
    5. Outlet Master
    6. Supplier Master
    7. Price Template
    8. Tax Master

  2. Transaction In-Bond
    1. Goods Opening Entry
    2. Good In-Bond

  3. Transaction Ex-Bond
    1. Performa  Entry
    2. Performa Confirmation
    3. Bill of Entry
    4. Transport Permit
    5. Dispatch Confirmation
    6. Invoice

  4.  Stock Reports
    1. Complete stock report
    2. Bond wise stock report.
    3. Date wise stock report
    4. Stock report with duty interest.
    5. Item expiry report.
    6. Item ledger report.

  5. Purchase Reports
    1. Item wise purchase report.
    2. Brand wise report.

  6. Sales Reports
    1. Item wise sales report.
    2. Date wise sales report.
    3. Outlet wise sales report.
    4. Bill wise sales report.
    5. Outlet wise date sales report.
    6. Excise Report
    7. Top 10 Outlets
    8. Top 20 Brands
    9. Top 5 Executive


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