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ProResto is general purpose Point of Sale software that tracks sales of retail outlets. It can be used at Hotels, Restaurants, Bar, Resorts, Night Club and Retail Shops to manage all kind of sale activity.

As a part of Pro Hotel , ProResto can manage all standard POS task like Room Services, Restaurant, Bar, Room Based Mini-Bar, and many other activities for any level of hotel operation.

Food and Beverage - Sales :
  • One-step room billing with complete display of all charges and payments.
  • Multiple Restaurants, Bars and Points of Sale possible.
  • Handles all requirements of Fast Food Centers, such as printing of Coupons, remote printing of KOTs at the kitchen, etc.
  • Facility to cancel, re-make, re-print any bill.
  • Data entry made very simple at the time of KOT/Bill making.
  • Facility to provide complementary food/bar items with appropriate trail for management information.
  • Special instructions possible on KOT for each item separately.
  • Automatic printing of different KOTs for different kitchens for a single order having items from different kitchens.
  • Facility to print KOTs on remote printers located in Kitchens.
  • Facility to handle the restaurants at Clubs where all bills are debited to members only.
  • Special handling for services to Houseguests.
  • Facility to get a meal-time wise analysis.
  • In case of bills of any sales being made manually, facility to enter them in the computer and account for them for final billing.
  • Facility for Auto Settlement and Auto Billing.
Food & Beverage - Stores and Costing :
  • Stock Accounting in Stores and Kitchen with weighted average rate system by using data captured while making KOTs.
  • Cost analysis of food and beverages sold in bars and restaurants and also at intermediate levels.
  • Facility for on-line queries on stock position in Stores and Kitchen.
  • Facility for projecting raw material requirements for a menu.
  • Provision for user-defined units of measurement. Accurate conversion taken care of, by the system.
  • Facility to take physical inventory and excess/shortage statement on a day-to-day basis, if required.
  • Facility to compute raw material consumption based on food sold, served or cooked
Stores :
  • Stock Accounting-using Moving Average System.
  • Facility to get Consumption Statement Cost-center-wise Item-wise.
  • Facility to get excess/shortage statement.
  • Facility for on-line queries on stock position.
  • Facility to maintain optimum Stock of all items.
  • Facility to print stock ledger for any date-range.
Reports :
  • Daily Reports.
    • Shift Report.
    • Sale Report.
    • Revenue Report.
    • Complimentry Sale Report.
    • Item Group wise Deatil Report.
  • Monthly Reports.
    • Sale Summary Report
    • Collection Chart
  • Yearly Reports.
    • Sale Summary Report
    • Collection Chart
  • Stock Reports.
    • Department wise item wise Report.
    • Department wise item Report
    • Department Report
    • Item wise Report
    • Over Stock Report
    • Reorder Report
  • Purchase Reports.
    • Purchase item Detail Report.
    • Purchase List Report
    • Purchase Detail Report
    • Vendor Summary Report
  • Miscellaneous Reports.
    • POS List Report
    • Category wise Report
    • Adjustment List Report
    • Department wise item sales Report
    • Summary Revenue Report
  • Reports can be customize on certain level.
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