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Intensive research and analytics is the forte of Prominent. With three years of experience in the outsourcing industry, we at Prominent understand the needs of international customers and deliver to high quality and efficiency criteria. Creating value for you through high-quality research with the opportunity to save 40-45% in costs , shorter design-to-market lead times, expert analysis of competition, markets, products and services. We use the latest methodologies and offer a wide spectrum of services from market research and to financial research and web research.

Online surveys

Online surveys are used to collect electronic data from a diversity of audiences to be used for dissemination and stakeholder consultation. Online surveys are highly adaptable and can be tailored to meet the needs of a diverse array of clientele.

Online surveys have exploded in growth over the past few years. Reason being the rapidly growing use of the Internet as an optimal medium for online surveys. Online surveys have unique advantages over traditional printed surveys. The most apparent benefits of online surveys are:

Price - Online surveys are much cheaper than printed mailed surveys and telephone surveys. Studies have shown online surveys to be as much as 20% less expensive than traditional surveys.

Shorter time frames - Online surveys give you quick real feedback. Upon distribution of your online survey, you will start receiving your responses in a few minutes. The sooner you get your responses, the sooner you can analyze your data and put your information to work.

High response rates - Online surveys generate higher response rates than traditional surveys due to the fact that they are user-friendly, easy to understand and can be filled out at any time, day and night. The more convenient, enjoyable and simple the users find a survey, the more likely it is that they will respond.

Low probability of errors - Traditional survey results are often tainted by human error where as you can find online surveys highly reliable.

Whether you need an online survey designed from scratch, or have an existing survey that needs to be administered, Prominent takes extraordinary measures to ensure validity, reliability and bias reduction. We have the expertise and the experience to design, administer and analyze every type of online survey including employee satisfaction surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, market research surveys and more. We offer a comprehensive selection of online survey services. Whether you are launching a new product and want B2B market research, a business that needs to measure its brand penetration or an HR executive looking for some insight into employee satisfaction, you can count upon us to get you the data you need.

Backed by a culture of best practices, we create online surveys that are secure, valid, reliable, relevant and bias-free. Our online surveys are backed by state-of-technology to ensure reliable results every time. Our goal is to help you compose a highly relevant survey instrument that will yield sound and valid conclusions while achieving the maximum survey response rate possible.

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