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Inbound Operation

Intensive research and analytics is the forte of Prominent. With two years of experience in the outsourcing industry, we at Prominent understand the needs of international customers and deliver to high quality and efficiency criteria. Creating value for you through high-quality research with the opportunity to save 40-45% in costs , shorter design-to-market lead times, expert analysis of competition, markets, products and services. We use the latest methodologies and offer a wide spectrum of services from market research and to financial research and web research.

Inbound Operation

Prominent offers fully integrated and dedicated inbound solutions to assist our clients acquire more customers, reduce operating expenses and increase revenue.

Prominent's Dedicated Inbound Services group utilizes a dedicated team of live operators, account representatives and program managers. These professionals process calls and integrate Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and/or Internet services to sell additional products and offer services on your behalf in a dedicated environment. We can also integrate Customer Care services into your inbound solutions that enable you to predict customer behavior and take action, while your customers are still on the line.

With many years of experience in inbound call center solutions, Prominent has a unique combination of functional expertise, industry knowledge, contact center technology and program management flexibility to customize a program that will meet your specific needs.

Prominent Inbound Solutions comprises of:

Full integration of services delivers cost-effective inbound call center solutions
Sophisticated data-capture capabilities
Consolidated reporting to help you analyze your acquisition efforts
Operationally-excellent processes ensure your customers' requests are handled efficiently
Increased service levels and conversion rates to improve revenues
Dedicated staff with experience in selling products in your industry

Our strategic inbound service can serve to build a long-term competitive strategy for your organization which will help you to always stay ahead of the competition and help you to attain your business objectives.

Your benefits

Faster ramp-up, launch, and roll-out of new campaigns
Experience with programs similar to yours
Market testing capabilities
Remote call monitoring
Rapid response to market conditions
Skilled, professional, customer support and technical service
Account management expertise
Enhanced reporting capabilities
Improved market coverage

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